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In Part 5 of a five-part interview series, Smart Automation for Risk Management, Lextegrity Head of Product Kara Bonitatibus speaks to Compliance Podcast Network host Tom Fox about the importance of integration and an intuitive user interface in compliance software. Kara uses Lextegrity’s software as an example that can integrate HR systems for routing requests in the pre-approval application and also features a pre-built integration with a database check of sanctions, state-owned entities, and adverse media information. As Kara notes, these features provide compliance professionals with a truly enterprise-wide risk management system. The end goal for data-driven compliance platforms, including Lextegrity’s software, is to provide its users with more robust reporting, analytics, and visualization tools that will help companies take their compliance programs to the next level.

Listen below to hear the full episode of Smart Automation for Risk Management: Part 5, Integrations and User Experience.

Originally published on the Compliance Podcast Network.


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