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In Part 4 of a five-part interview series, Smart Automation for Risk Management, Lextegrity Head of Product Kara Bonitatibus speaks to Compliance Podcast Network host Tom Fox about the pre-approval process and third-party due diligence monitoring tools that Lextegrity has developed. Kara notes that companies traditionally view compliance as a function that delays decision-making. That sentiment inspired Lextegrity to build a system that was easy to use and intuitive to ensure that users could get the answers they needed as quickly as possible. She outlines how Lextegrity’s features include integrating meaningful analytics and thresholds into the pre-approval process, such as displaying how many gifts a government official has already received, to assist approvers in making more informed decisions. The episode concludes with a discussion about Lextegrity’s holistic solution for third-party diligence, which pulls data from disparate systems and displays the information in a clean format.

Listen below to hear the full episode of Smart Automation for Risk Management: Part 4, Pre-Approval and 3rd Parties.

Originally published on the Compliance Podcast Network.


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