Continuous Spend & Revenue Monitoring Software

Monitor your enterprise spend and revenue on an ongoing basis to automatically detect and remediate high-risk transactions.

Automatically Risk Score Every Line of Enterprise Spend and Revenue

Lextegrity’s continuous spend and revenue monitoring solution employs AI, machine learning and a complex risk-scoring algorithm to help you identify risk across 100% of spend and customer revenue transactions.


Utilize data-driven insights to inform your investigation and audit activities, disclosure and approval processes, third-party engagements, enterprise risk assessment and more.

Continuously monitor invoices, customer revenue transactions and expenses for fraud, corruption, sanctions violations and conflicts

  • Sophisticated fraud detection algorithm based on a library of analyses, fine-tuned to your company's risk profile, to expose risk within your expenses, disbursements and sales intermediary transactions

  • Integrated machine learning to improve the risk engine scoring over time, for fewer false positives and greater accuracy with risk scoring

  • Robust workflow to review and remediate your highest-risk transactions

  • Cross-functional utility to transform how Compliance, Audit, Investigations, Finance and Procurement manage financial transaction risks globally, powered by data analytics

  • Data visualizations to deep-dive into all spend data by third party, employee or geography, and to highlight key program metrics and expose risk trends, patterns and outliers

  • Fully exportable compliance program KPIs to quickly assess the health of your program and automate Board and Compliance Committee presentations

Continuous Monitoring