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In a bonus episode following a five-part interview series, Smart Automation for Risk Management, Lextegrity founder and CEO Parth Chanda discusses Lextegrity’s Integrity Analytics Collective with Compliance Podcast Network host Tom Fox. The Integrity Analytics Collective is a partnership between Lextegrity and several other firms and was launched to facilitate collaboration with thought leaders and further democratize data analytics for organizations of all sizes worldwide. The collective’s work ranges from building a library of advanced data analytics via an out-of-the-box solution to creating new risk domains to bring data analytics to more organizations. Parth notes that the collective intends to collaborate to discover new analytics, ideas, and approaches that have worked for others and make them available in the marketplace.

Listen below to hear the full episode of Smart Automation for Risk Management: Bonus Episode - Integrity Analytics Collective.

Originally published on the Compliance Podcast Network.


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