Advanced Compliance Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry

With a set of tools developed specifically for life sciences companies, the Integrity Gateway provides a robust compliance workflow, transaction monitoring and third-party management solution to prevent and detect risk in activities with HCPs, HCOs, distributors and other third parties.

Integrity Gateway for Life Sciences

Integrity Gateway includes purpose-built functionality designed to meet the needs of pharma, biotech, medical device and diagnostics companies


Developed by In-House Experts

Developed by former in-house compliance and audit professionals from world-leading life sciences companies, with prior experience from Big Four accounting firms and global law firms.


Lifecycle Risk Management

Manage the entire spend and counterparty lifecycle, from needs assessment approvals, to third-party due diligence and transaction monitoring of employee expenses, vendor payments, aggregate spend data and customer revenue transactions.


World-class User Experience

Best-in-class user experience for your commercial and medical colleagues, and data analytics for your risk and compliance professionals. Our software helps prevent and detect risks across all of your financial transactions.

For life sciences companies the Integrity Gateway offers:

HCP / HCO engagements and monitoring platform

Track engagements with HCP/Os from initial selection, needs assessment, profiling and contracting through to proof of performance. Use data analytics to monitor all financial transactions related to those HCPs and HCOs.

Approvals and Disclosures software for Life Sciences
HCP Engagement

Automated HCP profiling and FMV calculation

Provide company users with the ability to profile HCPs and automate the FMV calculation and exception process, without needing to consult separate rate card tools or spreadsheets. Manage those FMV rates over time effortlessly and integrate profiled rates into HCP engagement workflows automatically.

Aggregate spend cap management

Track aggregate spend on HCP/Os and flag potential risks, providing an early warning to ensure spending doesn’t exceed pre-defined risk thresholds.

Continuous monitoring platform to detect kickbacks, fraud and corruption in HCP, HCO and other third-party transactions

Connecting data from existing enterprise systems and using the power of algorithmic analysis, our continuous monitoring platform enables early detection of high-risk transactions with HCP/Os or other third parties, such as vendors and distributors.

Our monitoring platform also ingests all historical Sunshine Act Open Payments data across all companies, to provide analytics across industry on disclosed payments.

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Integrated sanctions, debarment and adverse media screening

Screening a potential HCP/O is an important element of risk management for life sciences companies to determine if any external limitations or risk factors exist around engaging the HCP/O. Our screening functionality is an integral part of the platform, saving time and reducing risk.

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Grants, sponsorship and donations management

Integrity Gateway helps life sciences companies reduce the regulatory and reputational risks involved with providing external funding, in the form of grants, sponsorship and donations. It provides a centralized record of both the rationale and approvals for such activity, a vital requirement for compliance risk detection and mitigation.


Integrates with other data sources

Integrity Gateway includes master data integration with Veeva and IQVIA/Reltio for HCP master data. It can also integrate with financial systems, such as SAP, Oracle and Concur, and aggregate spend systems for continuous transaction monitoring and risk insights across large financial transaction data sets. It also provides access to all CMS Open Payments data and includes a number of risk analytics on that data.

Branching Logic for Industry Restrictions

Life sciences is a complex sector that has traditionally relied on bespoke risk management systems. However, Lextegrity’s use of branching logic within its platform ensures it can be properly tailored to specific industry regulations without costly bespoke programming.

Globalized and user-friendly across devices

Our team of veteran in-house compliance and audit leaders applied years of in-house learning to create the most user-friendly life sciences compliance software on the market today.

HCP Engagement

Roll out a truly global and intuitive compliance platform to your employees, risk specialists, HCP/Os and third parties, with Integrity Gateway.

  • 14 Languages
  • Intuitive for all users
  • Works across devices

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"We found Lextegrity, which allows us to provide the application in 13 languages, use it in every country and manage HCP engagements, external funding, and much more. But most importantly, this was an off-the-shelf solution that we were able to implement quickly."

Kate Kiesel

Global Health Care Compliance Officer



Don't just take our word for it...

"The return on investment for Lextegrity's technology has been tremendous. Our compliance transformation depended on technology, and we had the best possible technology partner supporting us."

Chief Compliance Officer


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