Donations & Sponsorships Software

Record, track and manage your organization's social responsibility activities to mitigate regulatory and reputational risk, with the most advanced donations and sponsorships management tool on the market.

Manage Your Donations & Sponsorship Risks With Ease 

Lextegrity’s donations and sponsorships management tools will help you simplify, streamline and automate your approvals processes for high visibility projects.


Reduce the risks associated with providing external grants, sponsorships and donations.  Create your workflows to match your existing processes, maintain a central record of approvals and rationales, and give your stakeholders an intuitive system that promotes compliance and reduces risk.

Workflow and analytics to prevent and detect risks in donations, sponsorships and social commitments

  • Configurable approval workflows available in a single platform (alongside workflows for processes such as gifts and hospitality and conflicts of interest) to centralize and simplify compliance processes for your employees

  • Support complex question logic, uploading of supporting documentation and internal comments, with a full system audit trail

  • Embedded and automated sanctions, PEP and adverse media screening and ongoing monitoring against thousands of global sources to vet your counterparties

  • Integrations with financial systems to validate pre-approved spend for mitigation of fraud and corruption risk often associated with social responsibility expenditures

  • Continuous monitoring and data analytics for high-risk external funding to detect anomalous payments or outliers.