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Welcome to the next generation of compliance effectiveness with Lextegrity's gifts, travel and hospitality compliance solutions. Deploy Lextegrity’s advanced automation and data analytics to manage pre-clearance approvals and disclosures and to monitor 100% of your travel and expense (T&E) reimbursement data, and better prevent and detect risks of corruption, fraud, embezzlement and sanctions violations.

Start Your Journey to Next Gen Compliance

With Lextegrity's gifts, travel and hospitality compliance solutions, you can equip your organization with next generation tools to prevent and detect risks of corruption, fraud, embezzlement and sanctions violations in your gifts, travel and hospitality expenditures. Join us in a future where integrity is better enabled through data analytics and automation technology.

Pre-Clearance Approvals and Disclosures

  • Ensure transparency and accountability by tracking and approving the giving and receiving of gifts, travel and hospitality.

  • Pre-built template forms, definitions and guidance that are fully customizable to your specific organization.

  • Aggregate data for specific recipients of gifts, travel and hospitality and reveal aggregate amount and frequency data to your approvers.

  • Tailor the approval process to fit seamlessly into your existing approval policies and integrate with HR data to further automate manager approvals.

  • Mitigate risks by screening proposed recipients and their organizations against sanction lists, politically exposed persons (PEPs) lists and adverse media.

  • Available in 27 global languages, with automatic currency conversion, and operates across desktop and mobile devices, ensuring your compliance efforts span the globe and support all of your users.

Gifts & Hospitality

Compliance Monitoring

  • Pulls T&E expense data, from systems like Concur, to detect potentially problematic expenses. Identify high-risk expenses that may have sidestepped or violated your policies or front-end controls.

  • Contains a world-class library of behavioral, statistical and policy-based analytics that you can use out-of-the-box without needing any technical expertise or investing in data scientists.

  • Provides a no-code analytics builder that allows non-technical compliance resources to configure analytics and even create multiple new analytics in real-time.

  • Pre-built data integrations, for example with Concur, take all the guesswork out of acquiring the data needed for advanced compliance analytics.

  • Access to risk-scored travel and expense data can help multiple functions within the company from finance and procurement to investigations.

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