Gifts & Hospitality Software

Detect, manage and respond to gifts and entertainment risks with our next generation compliance platform.

Automate and Simplify Your Gifts and Hospitality Approval Processes

Lextegrity's gifts and hospitality software makes your approval processes consistent, efficient and easy. Our tool will help you mitigate misconduct risk and drive a culture of compliance across your company.


Automate reviews and simplify the gifts and hospitality approval process with our configurable, intelligent workflows.

Gifts and hospitality pre-approval and T&E expense monitoring

  • Intelligent and robust approval workflows, with the ability to integrate with HR systems, to accommodate your unique compliance processes

  • Aggregate spend and frequency flags on recipients and requests to enable data-driven approval decisions

  • Sanctions, PEP and adverse media screening on recipients

  • Built-in guidance based on your own policies and procedures, for point-in-time training of employees

  • Available in multiple languages and with automatic currency conversion

  • Integrations with financial systems to validate pre-approved spend for mitigation of fraud and corruption risk often associated with such expenses

  • Continuous spend monitoring functionality to monitor T&E expenses related to gifts and hospitality

Gifts & Hospitality