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In Part 3 of a five-part interview series, Smart Automation for Risk Management, Lextegrity Chief Analytics Officer Andy Miller concludes his conversation with Compliance Podcast Network host Tom Fox by discussing the Department of Justice’s 2020 Update to the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs. This update has been a wake-up call for risk professionals and their companies and necessitates them to have a plan and an effective program to monitor their data. Andy explains how Lextegrity’s continuous compliance monitoring solution and its dozens of pre-built data analytics can help companies proactively manage risk and meet enforcement agency expectations. The duo also discusses how connecting a company’s data points, such as vendor spend, information from a human resources master file, and purchase order approvers, can be connected via Lextegrity’s software to uncover trends and identify potential anomalies that other compliance software may be unable to detect.

Listen below to hear the full episode of Smart Automation for Risk Management: Part 3, a Holistic Approach to Risk Monitoring With Data Analytics.

Originally published on the Compliance Podcast Network.


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