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Webinar: Six Case Studies in Technology-Driven Compliance Management for Life Sciences Companies

Life Sciences companies need robust end-to-end compliance management systems that provide customizable compliance approval workflows, comprehensive compliance monitoring using data analytics, and targeted third-party risk management to prevent and detect risk in activities with HCPs, HCOs, distributors, and other third parties. In this webinar, learn about the challenges faced by six life sciences companies and the solutions they implemented to meet those challenges, including in connection with DOJ and SEC enforcement actions. 

  • Global implementations of consolidated platforms for compliance approvals and workflows across multiple use cases
  • Global implementations of compliance monitoring and analytics on vendor, sales, distributor, employee, and HCP spend
  • Rapid implementation of new compliance management systems due to spin-off/divestiture
  • Implementation of next generation technology to meet and resolve enforcement agency actions and monitorships

About Lextegrity

Lextegrity provides innovative enterprise data analytics and automation technology for compliance and audit professionals at leading global companies. This first-of-its-kind software is created by former in-house compliance and audit professionals who have operationalized compliance and audit programs globally. Organizations use our software suite to prevent and detect risks related to fraud, corruption, sanctions, kickbacks, and conflicts of interest. Our software unifies compliance systems and manages risk across the spend lifecycle for an end-to-end view in real-time.

Our software has been before enforcement agencies globally in 12 separate company engagements and was even cited by the SEC as a remediation factor in a client’s FCPA resolution. It has been chosen by several companies after the appointment of compliance monitors or after the start of an investigation and has been a factor in resolving those matters, including helping to secure a DOJ declination.