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In Part 1 of a five-part interview series, Smart Automation for Risk Management, Lextegrity founder and CEO Parth Chanda, Chief Analytics Officer Andy Miller, and Head of Product Kara Bonitatibus discuss their professional backgrounds and the suite of products that Lextegrity offers in an interview with Compliance Podcast Network host Tom Fox. As a former lead counsel for Pfizer’s global anti-corruption program office, Parth notes that he was inspired to found Lextegrity due to a lack of compliance solutions that leveraged data analytics. He formed Lextegrity with a team of subject matter experts with experience working in compliance, legal, and auditing roles to create software that they wish they had while working in-house. The software includes workflow solutions including third-party due diligence, conflicts of interest, gifts and hospitality, and industry-specific workflows such as HCP engagements and grants management for life sciences customers.

Listen below to hear the full episode of Smart Automation for Risk Management: Part 1, Introducing Lextegrity.

Originally published on the Compliance Podcast Network.


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