Learn how LifeScan and Alexion have digitally transformed their compliance programs with Lextegrity.

Case Study -  lifescan and alexion digital transformation - LP Square

Leading global healthcare and biopharmaceutical companies, LifeScan and Alexion, partnered with Lextegrity to streamline compliance processes. With Lextegrity’s off-the-shelf software that is available in multiple languages, LifeScan and Alexion gained true control over the life cycle of risk at a global level—improving their global compliance programs in less than 90 days.

This webinar will address:

  • checkmarkHow LifeScan and Alexion have implemented Lextegrity’s automation and data analytics software for end-to-end controls
  • checkmarkHow the healthcare and biopharmaceutical companies leveraged technology, automation, and data analytics to gain control from spend approval to spend monitoring
  • checkmarkHow to better manage a global compliance program across numerous countries for FCPA and kick-back risks

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