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Webinar: Compliance Data Analytics with Impact: Real-World Insights

Join our expert panel to learn how to leverage compliance analytics for your organization.

This panel brings together a former Assistant Chief of the DOJ FCPA Unit, two in-house compliance and analytics experts and the CEO of Lextegrity to discuss how advanced compliance data analytics can help to make a compliance program more effective. Learn how transactional monitoring of expenses and third party payments can impact your organization and how to get from start to finish on that journey.

In this webinar, we will cover: 

  • checkmarkThe need for compliance transaction monitoring and the expectations of enforcement agencies on what good looks like
  • checkmarkExamples of advanced analytics in expense monitoring and third party payment monitoring
  • checkmarkHow to build the business case internally for compliance monitoring and data analytics
  • checkmarkCommon challenges of data readiness, completeness and mapping
  • checkmarkHow to set up the appropriate follow-up, governance and documentation