Though we may believe that bribery schemes and fraud will never impact us, the truth is that no company is exempt from these risks. It is vital that compliance professionals and companies understand the risks and mechanisms used to implement the schemes if they hope to prevent bribery and fraud in third-party transactions.

In corporate bribery schemes, there is generally a "pot of money" created within a business organization to "fund" a scheme. In such cases, employees often use existing corporate processes, such as engagements with third parties, to fund these schemes. 

In part 1 of this 3-part webinar series, we highlighted the various methods used to fund bribery schemes via third-party transactions and how to detect and prevent these schemes in your organization.

Topics covered within the webinar include:

  • checkmarkThe mechanisms used to fund bribery via third-party interactions
  • checkmarkExamples of past FCPA violations involving third parties
  • checkmarkThe proactive methods of detecting and preventing violations


The Expert Panelists:

Casey Charkowick Maria Gonzalez Calvet-1

Casey Charkowick
Risk Transformation
Executive | Lextegrity

María González Calvet
Partner | Ropes & Gray

Casey Charkowick is a business-centric attorney and corporate compliance subject matter expert with expertise in everything from global anti-corruption to US and foreign government contracts. Prior to Lextegrity, Casey served as Assistant General Counsel for compliance at Textron Inc., a Fortune 500 company with over 33k employees. He was responsible for overseeing and enhancing its global corporate ethics and compliance program.

María González Calvet is a partner of Ropes & Gray’s award-winning global Anti-Corruption & International Risk practice and Latin America initiative, co-founder of the firm’s Enforcement Express, and is a former U.S. federal prosecutor and former in-house executive counsel of a Fortune 500 company. With a practice that spans nearly two decades, María is recognized for her significant experience in anti-corruption and other investigative matters in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe, and in every significant business sector.

About Lextegrity

Lextegrity provides data analytics and automation technology for compliance and audit professionals to prevent and detect risks related to fraud, corruption, sanctions, kickbacks, and conflicts of interest.

Lextegrity’s software has been before regulators globally and was even cited by the SEC. It has been chosen after the appointment of compliance monitors or the start of investigations and has helped resolve those matters, including helping to secure a DOJ declination.

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