Choosing the best compliance software that meets your company's needs can be challenging, especially given rising regulatory expectations.

Compliance data analytics are no longer a choice but a necessity, and selecting the right compliance software is vital for your company and compliance team. 

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As stated by Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite Jr, the DOJ expects companies to “have a system that immediately detects” wrongdoing. Companies now need to forgo the manual and limited processes of a traditional compliance program and embrace the advantages of advanced analytics with a data-driven approach to compliance. The expectation is that companies root out risk activity across the enterprise in real-time.

This whitepaper will highlight five best practices for selecting the right compliance software or software vendor to help your company make an informed purchase.

This whitepaper will address:

  • checkmarkIf your compliance program is designed well enough to prevent and immediately detect employee wrongdoing
  • checkmarkItems to consider when determining if your compliance software is gathering and analyzing the right data
  • checkmarkThe resources required for your compliance software to function properly
  • checkmarkThe importance of integrating workflows and data sets into the new compliance software
  • checkmarkHow flexible your compliance software should be

Download the whitepaper today and see if the current compliance software you are considering is a good fit for your company’s compliance software program.