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SCEE CEP Dec21This article explains why data-driven risk management can help you detect occupational fraud risks earlier, and more often, than after-the-event tip-offs.

While fraud tip-offs can be an effective method for detecting fraud schemes, such tips often come too late (if at all). But now, data-driven insights are making it easier for organizations to detect fraud with greater speed and effectiveness.

This article, first published in SCEE CEP Magazine, provides a deep-dive into the topic. It offers guidance around the "what, why and how" of data-driven risk management, as well as illustrative examples and guidance on next steps.

Download the article here to discover: 

 What data-driven risk management is

 How this approach can help detect risk before a tip-off

 Why a data-driven approach must be taken seriously by your organization

 Key steps to getting started


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Parth Chanda

Parth is Lextegrity's CEO and Founder. Over the past two decades, Parth has established himself as a leader in the field of anti-corruption and financial crimes compliance.

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